TuxGuitar - Free Guitar Tab Editor

for Windows, Mac and Linux

Guitar tab editor is a big help when you need conveniently write down your musical ideas. Opposite to writing tabs on a paper, with this tool you can always make any changes without making tab look dirty, playback the tab, add multiple tracks, mute any track in the composition, and play over it yourself just like with a backing track.

The really good thing is that TuxGuitar can also work with gp3, gp4, gp5 - Guitar Pro tabs, of commercial software. And there's a lot of free guitar pro tabs on the net.

Open Download Page

Scroll down the download page and choose the right package for your your computer.

A few extra notes about TuxGuitar:

To playback songs the program uses midi synth on your sound card, so the sound quality completely depends on your hardware, and with a cheap sound card the sound will be like from a cheap synthesizer.

Besides Guitar Pro files, TuxGuitar can also export tabs as PDF, MIDI, Taf and ACSII files. With the ACSII tabs you can copy and past your creations as text and easily publish them on the websites.

ACSII guitar tab example

In TuxGuitar you won't see the mixer above the staves as in Guitar Pro software. It was hard for me to find how to get to the mixer for the first time.

Don't dig deep into the menu like I did, the button that opens the mixer is actually located on the top bar of the window ;)

Another thing that I noticed, when double-clicked a tab file with gp3 extension, is that the program always opens a blank tab, no matter what's inside.

In order to actually open the gp3 tab, start the Tuxguitar first,

click File --> Open, within the program and navigate to your file.

It opens other supported extensions by a double-click without hassle.


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